Is HGH Legal in the US?

Is HGH Legal in the US?

The question is HGH legal is a controversial one, both in inquiry and in answer. Human growth hormone is a naturally produced chemical messenger released by somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. Long after it completes its function of helping children achieve their adult height, HGH supports many other roles throughout life. However, since the levels of HGH decline with age, many people turn to HGH supplements to support these numerous physiological functions.

As we explore the question is human growth hormone legal to use by adults, we focus on one very specific fact – need.

An adult who truly needs HGH suffers from many symptoms associated with growth hormone deficiency. For him or her, human growth hormone therapy can alter the course of their life.

Where is HGH legal to purchase?

The only place that can legally sell HGH in the US is a licensed and regulated pharmacy.

Is HGH legal in the USA without a prescription?

No, a person must have a valid prescription from a doctor before he or she can buy HGH from a pharmacy.

HGH is legal in the US when it is prescribed for valid reasons.

When Is HGH Legal and When Is It Illegal?

The topic of when is HGH legal to buy is pretty clear – the body must have an actual deficiency of this hormone for its use. That requires blood analysis to determine if the pituitary gland is producing enough growth hormone.

Adults whose bodies do not produce enough HGH can receive a prescription to purchase HGH. Is it legal to get human growth hormone therapy for anti-aging? No, that is not an authorized use of HGH injections.

Is injectable HGH legal for recovery after a sports injury? Although there has been much talk about this topic, as of now, the answer is still no. A two-year study in Michigan, funded by Mark Cuban, should be completed by now, but the findings have not yet been made public.

When is human growth hormone legal and when is it illegal in sports? HGH is never legal for athletes, sports competitions, or bodybuilding purposes. The International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency have both labeled HGH as a performance-enhancing drug. For that reason, it is not legal for use.

HGH is only legal for use by people who are growth hormone deficient and receive a doctor’s prescription.

How Do I Purchase Legal HGH?

We are often asked how is HGH legal to purchase in the US by people who believe they can benefit from human growth hormone therapy. The process is relatively simple to complete by following these five steps:

  1. Have a consultation with a hormone specialist to discuss the reasons for asking about HGH therapy, such as symptoms and health condition
  2. Get blood levels tested at a local lab to measure growth hormone levels
  3. Undergo a physical examination to rule out other medical issues and clear the way for safe use of HGH therapy
  4. Complete a comprehensive medical history form supplying information needed by the hormone specialist
  5. Discuss the findings with the hormone clinic to determine treatment options and receive the prescription if growth hormone deficiency is the diagnosis

Why is HGH legal for sale in other countries without a prescription?

The countries that allow for the sale of HGH in this manner are not subject to US laws. Purchasing HGH without a prescription is illegal in the US and opens the buyer up to prosecution. Unregulated HGH is also potentially dangerous to use.

For answers to other questions regarding is human growth hormone legal, please contact RX Hormone medical clinic for a free consultation.