HGH for Weight Loss

A seemingly natural part of aging is the changing of hormone levels in women and men. Unfortunately for some adults, a reduction in certain hormones can signal an increase in waist circumference. Weight gain does not have to be a fact of life. Plenty of people never gain weight as they age, yet for many others, the opposite is true. Whether you want to call it “middle-aged spread” or just plain belly fat, either way, you want it gone. If human growth hormone deficiency is the cause of a sluggish metabolism and increased body fat, then using HGH for weight loss may well be the answer you seek. However, please know that HGH is not a diet, nor is it prescribed solely for weight loss.

Human growth hormone levels decline with age, often beginning before a person leaves his or her twenties behind. The gradual reduction in the secretion of HGH continues into the thirties, forties, and beyond. The greater the decrease, the more likely a person is to gain weight and experience many other unpleasant changes. Of course, the older one gets, the harder it becomes to shed those excess pounds. Working out no longer produces the same dramatic results it did in one’s twenties. You must work out longer and harder, and you still do not see the changes you expect and want. Muscle mass declines as fat mass increases.

HGH injections can bridge the gap left behind when human growth hormone production declines. You see, the body still needs HGH to fuel metabolism, cell regeneration, immunity, brain functions, and many other physiological processes. By increasing the amount of HGH in the body, all systems impacted by human growth hormone reap the benefits. For the metabolism, it means improved processing of the fats, carbohydrates, and lipids that the body consumes. As the body begins converting food into fuel rather than fat, storage of excess weight declines. The body can then start mobilizing and burning through stored fat reserves to aid in weight loss.

The Bottom Line: Although hormone changes are a fact of life, weight gain does not need to be. HGH for weight loss treats the effects of growth hormone deficiency in adults by helping burn fat.

Other Benefits of Using HGH for Weight Loss

Human growth hormone triggers the release of insulin growth factor 1 by the liver. IGF-1 is the primary mediator of HGH functions in the body. Along with helping HGH stimulate cell regeneration, IGF-1 aids in the use of glucose by the body’s tissues and the production of nitric oxide crucial for healthy circulation. As the body begins to break down stored fat reserves, the circulatory system transports those fats through the bloodstream to organs that will help remove them from the body.



When using HGH for weight loss related to growth hormone deficiency, a person can also expect to sleep better at night. With improved sleep comes more energy during the day, aiding in the ability to exercise with greater intensity. The increase in caloric expenditure helps to burn fat at a faster rate. The burning of stored fat increases the energy that the body has available for use.

Along with these changes, feelings of depression begin to disappear, and overall mood, outlook, and quality of life improve. Since HGH also impacts brain functions and heart health, you will likely notice significant benefits in these areas, as well. Bone density and muscle mass increase, making the body stronger and resistant to injuries. With weight loss and stronger bones comes a decline in joint pains and better flexibility. Cardiac capacity and output continue to improve with each passing month of HGH injection therapy.

Over the course of six months, utilizing HGH for weight loss and its other significant benefits can transform a previously flabby body into a well-toned physique. Only a doctor with extensive experience in hormone replacement therapy should diagnose and treat HGH deficiency. Hormone levels must be accurately and carefully balanced to stimulate weight loss and reverse the symptoms of low HGH levels.

RX Hormone is your choice for hormone replacement therapy in the US. Our doctors run the necessary diagnostic tests before determining a personalized course of treatment. HGH injections prescribed by our hormone clinic provide superior benefits with the safety and quality you desire.

The Bottom Line: Using HGH injections to treat human growth hormone deficiency helps the adult body burn stored fat. HGH for weight loss improves metabolism and fat-burning properties.